Please, note the following dates on which we are not available for bookings for Summer 2022 in Nova Scotia. However, if you have a fixed event date, please contact us in case there is a cancellation. July 9, 16, 23, 24, 28, 31/ August 18, 22-24/ September 17


@ Tidekite we have 6 years in kite flying and making in Nova Scotia, and organized over 70 kite flying events. Our evolution is innovative 3D printed kites.
Book with Tidekite for an amazing "Touch the Sky" kite flying, competition, games, bubbles, etc, an event for all ages to make beautiful memories!

The only land sailing experience in Canada Eco-Wind Powered Fun in Canada's Ocean Playground with ReWIND Adventures, Blokarts from New Zealand for land sailing and awesome kites from Tidekite, Nova Scotia, Canada's Ocean Background!

Note: Our events are highly dependent on winds and grounds, thus many will take place in short notice. Please subscribe to receive updates.

Check below for available events, dates and details.


ReWIND Adventures $80 per person for 45 mins of land sailing. Gloves and helmets provided on site. No land sailing for under 12 yrs old, free kite flying. Please, check our available days and times, and book your unique event with us! Please subscribe to receive updates

ReWIND Adventures

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Kite Flying for large events

At Tidekite we have organized over 70 kite flying in Nova Scotia, and have a large inventory of 200+ kites, including handmade in NS and from other countries and cultures around the world. 

Why kite flying for your festival and large event? Kite flying is for all ages and is the most inclusive outdoor activity among diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Full package includes 100+ kites, lots of bubbles, games, decorations, kite flying competition and 5 prizes, 4hrs event, photo documentation and social media marketing (30K reach per week/ 5K per post in 24hrs) at $2,300 within South West NS, additional travel charges may apply for other areas.

@ Tidekite "Kite Flying is for ALL KIDS" we have diverse age groups participating in our events.

Send us an email for a custom kite flying event

Kite Flying is for All Kids in Nova Scotia
Kite Flying at Seafest, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Touch the Sky, Private Kite Flying Experience in Nova Scotia by Tidekite, Canada

PRIVATE Kite Flying

At TIDEKITE™ we have a large collection of 2D and 3D, single, dual and quad line kites, for beginners and professionals, for all ages.

Book with us for a private kite flying experience.

Make memories in Nova Scotia!

FREE for the community

Since June 2017, Tidekite has organized free kite flying events, every Sunday, at low tide, but not only, between June to October, in Nova Scotia.

4 free kite flying events, 1 Clare, 2 Digby, 1 Yarmouth, 2022

6 free kite flying events in Yarmouth, 2020- 2021

4 free kite flying events in Digby, 2021

1 free kite flying event in Shelburne, 2021

1 free kite flying event in Annapolis Valley, 2021

55 free kite flying events in Clare, June 2017- June 2021

Check our News for updates, subscribe to get updates on our Summer 2021 public events reminders and follow us on social media.

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Evangelin Beach, Kite flying by Tidekite, Nova Scotia, Canada